Revisiting the bucket list again

As this seems to be the time of year when I think about what I haven’t done in Iceland yet I thought I’d look back on my former two bucket lists (2011 and 2012) and see if I have ticked anything more off on those. Well, I only managed to accomplish two more “goals” since the last update in October 2012:

Visited not only Ísafjörður but all around the Westfjords. I still seem to have a lot to blog about from this trip. The region is somehow different from the rest of Iceland and was well worth the visit.

Saw the Icelandic national handball team play in Iceland. This was due to a happy coincidence in planning that led to seeing Iceland play in their home arena. Again I was amazed at how close you can get to things in Iceland – you’d be miles away from a national team anywhere else.


A few of my original goals are proving more difficult:

The Northern Lights remain elusive, but I’m telling myself maybe they are one of those things that are better in your imagination than in real life? No? Well, I am going to try again in 2014. I’m sure when they are ready for me to see them they will appear.

Knitting my own lopapeysa is unlikely. Knitting requires a lot of patience and ability. I’ve accepted that unless I go on some kind of intensive knitting course I’m pretty much stuck where I am. One thing I have learned from knitting is the amazing properties of wool and my house now has a lot more woollen products generally than it did five years ago. I’m now also checking the wool content of sweaters when I buy them – funnily enough all my cheap thin ones have 0% wool.

Running the marathon or half marathon in August. The only reason I haven’t done this one is yet I’ve either not been allowed to have the time off at work or the race clashes with something else. This is a frustrating one but it’s more likely to happen than the lopapeysa.

I’ve thought of a few more goals in case these don’t work out:

Discover I have Icelandic DNA – I’ve always wanted to do one of these DNA tests you see advertised where you find out where your distant ancestors came from. Unfortunately I am 99% sure mine had nothing to do with Iceland (or Denmark, Norway or Ireland) but it’s a fun idea. On the 1% chance I’m wrong I’ll start looking at what Icelandic name I would choose and learning how to do better hair braids, just in case (braiding has to be easier than knitting, right?)

Get snowed in – I can imagine nothing cosier than being snowed in somewhere in Iceland. I’m not sure how I can make this happen aside from spending a long time in a remote northerly place. Also need to make sure that place has lots of food and books.

Work at something obscure – I know, Iceland itself is pretty obscure to most people. If I had the time (and money) to spend a longer time there I think working at one of the more “specialist” tourist museums would be fun. Other dream roles would be: leading sea monster viewing tours, working at the Freyja chocolate factory, or working at air traffic control at Ísafjörður airport.

I’ll keep you posted on these and other more realistic happenings…

How’s your Icelandic bucket list going? Do you have any goals for 2014?


14 thoughts on “Revisiting the bucket list again

  1. You’ll see the Northern Lights! They can sometimes be very faint, but other times they’re really magnificent. And wait- does being Icelandic mean that I should be good at braiding hair? Because I can only do the simplest one…

  2. “working at air traffic control at Ísafjörður airport.” That has to be easy. It is either “Cleared for landing and please don’t crash,” or “Cleared for takeoff and please don’t crash.” I have been snowed in and seen the Northern Lights right here at home, but somehow the same experience in Iceland would be much more sublime.

    • Yeah, and think how fun it would be to sit there watching the planes circling around through your fingers every day…I’d love it. Everything’s better on holiday, even things that would seem really inconvenient at home like getting snowed in!

  3. To see once in my lifetime the Northern Lights is definitely on my bucket list, though Germany is the most northern country I’ve visited so far. I am planning a one week trip to Ireland next year, to visit some friends, who knows..maybe in 2015 I’ll go for Iceland. I’ve been reading a lot about it also on Allessistgut’s blog and there is something fascinating about Iceland. Maybe because it’s not the typical tourist choice for vacations.

  4. I’ve been snowed in before, but it would be loads more fun to be snowed in in a cozy cottage in Iceland. 🙂 And seeing the Northern Lights (in any country) is so on my bucket list!

    Let us know if you learn how to do fancy Nordic braids – especially if you can do your own hair! I’m growing my hair out right now, and I’ll need to start doing cool stuff with it when it gets long enough. 🙂

  5. Weird to think that I grew up seeing the northen lights, though I always found them beautiful it never occurred to me that seeing them would being on someone s bucket list. I hope you get to see them in the new year! And I wish I could help you with your knitting! I expect to see a picture of a lopapeysa you yourself knit on this blog some day… pressure! 😉

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