11 Iceland/Nordic blogs I like

These are some of my favourite bloggers from 2013. They all feature Icelandic or Nordic content either some or most of the time This isn’t to say that I don’t read and love other blogs, but I thought this might be a good opportunity to introduce readers to some other Iceland and Nordic-related bloggers. I know 11 is an odd number but I couldn’t cut any of them out!

I’ve done them in alphabetical order so as not to play favourites:

Alles Ist Gut – She and I seem to have followed each other around Iceland for the last couple of years. Reading her posts reminds me of my own holidays.

An Icelandic Adventure – Frida moved to Iceland to be with her Icelandic boyfriend. It’s been fun reading about her journey.

Flippism is the Key – Professor Batty has kept this blog going for 10 years – what an inspiration. He has written about many aspects of Iceland and his visits there.

Iceland, Defrosted – Edward has written a book about Iceland by the same name and also writes for the Iceland Review. Another Iceland obsessive!

Iceland Eyes – Maria writes the blog I used to read for years before starting my own. Always insightful, I learned a lot about Iceland from her.

Otto’s Son – Jon has Icelandic/Norwegian heritage and has had some great trips to both places.  He also has Norwegian horses and a whole array of wildlife in his back yard!

Parkers in Iceland – Ethna and Chris’s adventures in Selfoss. A good expat perspective.

Storyteller Girl – Grace is a great writer who features amongst other things some interesting Nordic music that you may not have heard of. She also visited Iceland for the first time in 2013.

The Iceland Experience – Goedele has been volunteering in Iceland for the last year.

Vicki the Viking – Vicki made the move to Iceland all the way from Australia and now runs a successful guesthouse.

Worldly Scandifriend – Aidan writes about all things Nordic and is a linguist extraordinaire.


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