Dimmblá – a new fashion collection from Iceland

Dimmblá is an Icelandic clothing brand created by Heidrún Ósk Sigfúsdóttir, which was partially funded by the Karolina fund. The first collection is inspired by nature and specifically the Northern Lights, with beautiful images printed on the tops and dresses available. They also emphasize the use of natural fabrics, making the clothing environmentally friendly. Below, Heidrún Ósk answers a few questions about Dimmblá.

Can you explain for us non-Icelandic speakers what the name Dimmblá means?

The name can be translated as dark blue or deep blue. It reminds me of the spectacular and unpredictable Icelandic nature. I feel there is a mystery about it and I chose it also because I think it is a very beautiful name.

This is your first collection and I know it has involved a lot of hard work to get it out there. What made you feel passionate enough about it to persist with getting it from just an idea to being available in the shops?

What I have learned in the past few months is that stepping out of the comfort zone is both challenging and rewarding. I have always been very passionate about fashion and in the beginning of this year I started designing my clothing collection. I have a master degree from the faculty of Economics and Business administration with a main emphasis on marketing and international trade. This is perhaps a different background from many others working in this field.

My vision for the future is both challenging and exhilarating at the same time.  In my everyday life I look for ways to accomplish what I want with a clear focus. One of my goals was to have my collection available in stores shortly before Christmas and it came true and achieving that was exhilarating.

You recently had a launch event at Kleifarvatn near Krýsuvík which to me seems a much more interesting venue than a shopping mall or hotel. Why did you decide to have it here and were you worried about the unpredictable weather?

Nature is integral part of my design as are preservation of the environment. I chose photographs by Sigurdur Hrafn Stefnisson and eco-friendly fabrics to reflect that. At the launch event I signed an agreement with the Icelandic environment association Landvernd that for every cloth sold in the Northern Lights Collection a donation goes towards their efforts. Landvernd launched a new project creating awareness of the possible damage off road driving can cause and ways to prepare it. At Kleifarvatn off-roading has caused damage and therefore we chose this beautiful place.

I always had a strong belief that the weather would be beautiful. We arrived at Kleifarvatn at 10 am on Saturday morning and when we arrived it was still and beautiful weather. There was a photo shoot by the lake and a TV crew enjoying watching. It was surely an amazing morning. On Sunday evening the event was broadcast on a popular TV show called “Landinn”.

Why did you decide to try crowd funding through the Karolinafund? Have your reached dimmbla5your goal or are you still looking for donors?

Starting a company includes a high cost and it is not easy to get funding.  This is a great opportunity for small start-up companies to seek support and gives people a chance to buy a style from the beautiful Northern Lights collection for a better price. It is a win-win situation where everyone gains.

It took me time to prepare the project on Karolina Fund so I started the project later than I initially anticipated. I received a loan to finance the first production, which I hope to repay through Karolina fund. I still need few more pledges and I’m optimistic that I will reach the goal in next few days.

Are you aiming to sell to the tourist market, Icelanders or both?

I aim to sell both to the tourist market and Icelanders. I design fashionable, classic and unique clothing over passing trends. I think a lot about comfort and use comfortable and stretchy fabrics. The collection includes clothes for daily wear like t-shirt that look stylish with a pair of jeans, and clothes for special occasions like an elegant evening dress.

My collection has received great attention and publicity in Iceland. I have been interviewed by newspapers, magazines and received compliments on the radio. I’m very grateful for all the attention and happy that people like my design. I’m also convinced that I have managed to create a good and strong concept that I will continue to grow.

Those who visit Iceland can bring home  memorabilia of Iceland and support a good cause.

Do you have future plans to make it all available online? Is there any way that someone abroad can buy something now?

A web store on www.dimmbla.com will be ready in January and the design will be available for everyone. Perhaps my design will also be available in stores outside of Iceland, who knows!

Product review:

Heidrún Ósk was nice enough to send me the top in the below photo to try myself so I could give you an honest review of what the clothing is like.

dimmbla6I was a little worried as it only comes in two sizes (S/M and M/L),  but I can understand why now, as the tencel material is quite stretchy and would adapt itself to the wearer so you wouldn’t need a bit range of more precise sizing. The tencel is very comfortable to wear, and the t-shirt is a fashionable slightly longer length so that you could wear it on its own with leggings or tighter trousers. The print of the Northern Lights over Jökulsárlón is beautiful and as it is machine washable at 40°C I’m not expecting it to fade. All in all a classy product, well done to the Dimmblá team!

You can support Dimmblá via the Karolina Fund until 31 December here. The full collection is available to view on the Dimmblá website.


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