Walking in Keflavík

There is a nice walk you can do in Keflavík town if you want to kill a couple of hours before your flight. It runs along the cliffs between Keflavík and Garður and I think it would take around 2 hours (more if you stop a lot) to do the whole walk out and back. We did most of it in 90 minutes without much stopping.

P1030279The walk is pretty flat, BUT is along rocks the whole way so you need proper walking shoes and the rocks will be slippery if it has been wet. A path has been made from the rocks that are lying all around, and it is easy to see most of the time.

P1030284If you lose it you soon find it again and there are benches and cairns along the way as additional visuals.


You get some pretty spectacular ocean views along the way.


In August, there was still a lot in bloom and you could see that there would have been many lupins earlier in the year.


Lonely rocks looking out to sea

It was also interesting to see the porous lava rocks, and the way that in places they become very large and smooth as they run off down to the sea.


The rocks get slopier and bigger as they “run off” the cliff

More like a sponge than a rock!

I was impressed at how much work it would have taken to actually make this path. Although the material is right there it would have been a big job to turn the random rocks into something relatively flat and walkable, and to make so many benches along the way.

We were lucky that the weather was relatively calm and dry, it wouldn’t have been a very nice walk the day before!

You can start this walk from Bakkavegur, the path is at the end of the road.



8 thoughts on “Walking in Keflavík

  1. I had no idea that was there – I just took the shuttle to the airport and went inside. Next time I’ll plan ahead and follow the path. It seems like there are a lot of trails like this – random walking paths in surprising places, sometimes hard to find but still well maintained. It must be an Iceland thing. 🙂

  2. everywhere in Iceland is scenic. I loved my time there and would go again in a heartbeat. That’s why i keep reading up on blogs like this to find out where to go 🙂

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