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I live in England and have been travelling to Iceland since 2005. My blogging name is Eva Lind, who is a character from the books of the great Icelandic author Arnaldur Indriðason.

I started this blog in 2011 because I needed a platform to talk about Iceland to my hearts content.  Although not my original intention, the blog has evolved into something of a tourist information site combined with reviews, photos, giveaways, and anything I can think of to write about Iceland, and sometimes other topics!

I was featured in the Icelandic magazine Séð Og Heyrt  in October 2013 and if you would like to know even more about me and the blog, you can read my questions and answers with them in English here:

The British Blogger Who Fell in Love with Iceland, part 1

The British Blogger who Fell in Love with Iceland, part 2

Please note that I am currently taking a break from blogging and am not able to answer individual questions.

You can contact me using the form below if you have anything Iceland-related you would like me to review, have found any broken links on the site (I hope not), or just want to say hello! I also love to get comments and feedback on posts. Twitter: @icelandophile

Facebook: Eva I’dratherbeiniceland

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57 thoughts on “About me/contact

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  3. I love that you loved Iceland enough to devote an entire blog to it! Having been there, it does not surprise me, though. Thanks for reading my latest post of Iceland. I appreciate it! Enjoy your next trip there!

    • Thank you Immie, that’s really kind! I will pass it on but bear with me as awards posts take ages and I have saved a couple up!

      Every time I think I am drying up I come up with another post and it just seems to keep going! I do think summer is probably the right time to take a break if I’m going to take one and enjoy the nicer weather.

  4. Hello Eva, I have just stumbled across your blog and hit follow instantly!
    I have a ‘pull’ to Iceland – I’ve had it for years, although I’ve never actually been there. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts, to find out more about the island and to see if I can work out just what it is that draws me so strongly. And who knows… one day I may actually go there for real!
    Nice to meet you!

  5. I agree! I would rather be in Iceland! I got the opportunity to stop by on my way to Copenhagen, and i fel instantly in love with it. Great blog!

  6. Hey! I went to Iceland both summer 2012 and 2011…I too am madly in love with it! They pulled Skyr from our grocery store here in Houston and it almost broke my heart ha!
    Thanks for setting up an Iceland blog; is it possible for me to be homesick for somewhere that’s not my home?;) Yes, yes it is! I wish you well on your next Iceland adventure whenever that may be. Bless bless!

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  8. Hey I think that I will read this blog with a lot of pleasure , because I’m seriously planning to go to live in Iceland for at least six months after been graduated! Thank you 😀

  9. Hello, I just visited Iceland for the first time, haven’t even been back home for a week and I’m already looking to book another visit. Of course, my logical brain says I have to wait for more money and time off…Grumble, grumble. I am infatuated with Iceland, and THANKS for taking the time to blog about it! I am really enjoying this site. 🙂

  10. I just found your blog while trying to find the location of a pic we took there recently. I too am infatuated, no, obsessed with Iceland. I had been there several times but just stop overs and had never got out of the airport. Last june on a return trip from Europe I finally had the opportunity to say a few nights in Reyjkavik, immediately fell in love with the country!! We had the opportunity to return this past May and June and spent 2 weeks traveling around the island on a self drive tour than 6 more nights in the capital!!! Can I go back now????

  11. Nice blog. Almost all flights from North America arrive at Keflavik around 6 a.m. Which hotels allow you to check in really, really early?

  12. Hi. I can totally find myself in this blogs title. I’ve only been once to Iceland, in June 2010. But that was enough to get hooked. A total brain-clearance. Thank you very much for sharing all your fine photo’s and stories! You are welcome to see some of the photo’s I took over-there; they are on my blog from 5th of April till end of April. See you.

  13. Dear Eva,

    You have an amazing blog. Your love for the traveling and writing is really inspirational. I have to admit that our decision for an Iceland vacation was partly driven by what we read on your blog. You can be sure that I’ll be reading your blog diligently now on. 🙂

    From Raphael’s mommy, writing this from Singapore

  14. It’s so nice to find a blog about Iceland. We’re not that fortunate to have lots of money to be able to go on far away places. But I settle on reading instead. Thankful I ran across your blog. Please do keep on blogging! 🙂

  15. Hi, i am from a central american tropical country, and i am thinking to spend some seasons in iceland, is it expensive? How much does a couple, no kids, needs to live a normal life. I mean, rent a flat, public transportation, food, and some nigths going out. Thanks. And nice blog

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