Scenic Iceland


This could be pretty much anywhere in the Icelandic countryside. Although it’s nothing unusual, a collection of horses, farm buildings and a mountain always make for a good photo!


Skansen Zoo, Stockholm

The Djurgården island is a fun leisure area in Stockholm which has some of the city’s main tourist attractions, such as the Vasa Ship Museum, the Nordic Museum, the Gröna Lund amusement park, and the Skansen open-air museum. All of these things are worth a visit and it seems many locals also think so as it was busy despite being a weekday.

If you like Nordic history, the Skansen “open-air museum” could keep you busy for most of a day, wandering around the old buildings, most of which seemed to be authentic and not replicas. Skansen also had a very good aquarium, but these are separate posts.

Skansen also has a zoo of animals that are local to Sweden. This was quite refreshing, as there is nothing worse than seeing animals in climates where they really aren’t meant to be (yes, Singapore Zoo, as much as I love you, I am talking about the polar bear). All of their living areas were a bit overgrown and had been left “natural” and this was really nice, and made it feel like you were seeing them in the wild.

Reindeer escaping the sun:

P1000674 With it being spring, it was also baby season!

Baby elk

This mother bear and her babies were so cute. She had just come outside with them having checked first to make sure all was safe.

Nearly invisible lynx

Also hidden, wolves

Baby bison

OK, so this peacock isn’t a native but was very proud of itself and would have made a good guide!

Something between a “petting zoo” and one of the more typical large zoos you may go to, this was a well thought-out little zoo and great if you want to feel a bit closer to Nordic wildlife.

Icelandic wildlife photos – #1 Arctic Fox

Finally, the animal that was most exciting to see in Iceland – the Arctic Fox! Hard to find even if you are looking for them and seen by accident in Skaftafell. This one is in the middle of changing its white winter coat to a brown summer coat. It was quite far away by the time the photo was taken but was still a trip highlight.

You have to look pretty hard to see it here

A closer view

And closer again!

Icelandic wildlife photos – #4 Seals

It was really fun to see this wild seal colony bathing on sandbanks at Hvítserkur. There were several groups, but this was the one you could get closest to from the beach.

Sunbathing seals

One came over to investigate – I was hoping it would come on to the land on our side of the water, but this was as close as it got. It was amazing to have an encounter with a wild seal.