Icelandic chocolate review # 6 – Rís

Rís is one of my favourite Icelandic chocolate bars and I thought I had reviewed these a long time ago. I got confused as I had only included them in the sad Christmas wish list that was one of my first posts!

I have found that all chocolate featuring cats on it is good

The Rís is another old-school bar which is basically just crispies and milk chocolate, a bit like a Nestle Crunch. I would argue it’s better as it’s all thick and chunky – just look at the size of the crispies!

Too good for words

Too good for words

The wrapper also helpfully describes it as “good…good…good”. That about sums it up. I’d give these an 8 out of 10 – I’d rank them higher, but they’re probably a bit too basic in today’s world of crazy food. Surprisingly Mr IdratherbeinIceland also ranks them as an 8/8.5 – this is the only bar we agree on. As usual he would prefer them to be dark chocolate. They are definitely in my top 3 of Icelandic chocolate, and the good news is that even the smallest chocolate sellers always seem to have them.

One note of caution – they seem to go stale very quickly. I like to buy a supply of Icelandic food and then make it last until my next trip…you can’t do this with the Rís bars as you find they are stale not long after buying them.  Maybe there are less preservatives in them than most bars?


Icelandic Chocolate Review #5 – Draumur

The Draumur bar is another take on the Icelandic favourite combination of liquorice and chocolate.

It looks like just milk chocolate from the outside, but inside there are two “tubes” of black liquorice.

These seem to be very popular in Iceland – you see them even where there is only a small selection of chocolate. It’s not one of my favourites, as for me there isn’t enough of a contrast between the two flavours. I prefer a dark chocolate/liquorice combination. Mr Idratherbeiniceland rates these a bit higher than I do and likes that the milk chocolate isn’t as sweet as in some other bars.

They would make a good choice for someone who isn’t sure about liquorice and chocolate together. I also found the chocolate breaks off quite easily so if you don’t like eating it as it is you could break it up and eat the liquorice separately! Overall I’d rate these a 5 out of 10 – they’re fine, nothing wrong with them, but there are other bars I’d choose first.

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Icelandic Chocolate Review #4 – Florida

I have to admit that I saved my Florida bar for quite a long time, as I knew it had coconut in it and assumed it was like a UK Bounty or American Mounds.


So, I was pleasantly surprised to see coconut on the OUTSIDE of the chocolate…



Like all Icelandic chocolate, this was sweeter than UK chocolate so is a novelty just for being a different taste. There is wafer on the inside, which was nice and crunchy.


So overall, not what I was expecting and I was glad it wasn’t just a big lump of coconut covered in chocolate. Having said that, it wasn’t unique enough to be the best thing I’ve ever had, and I’d still prefer a Buffaló! I’d give this 7/10.

Icelandic Chocolate Review #3 – Hraun

Well, marathon season is well and truly over and I have been eating my own bodyweight in chocolate again. This time I bring you the creatively named “Hraun” (lava) bar.

Looks promising from the outside – I was hoping there would be some interesting fillings based on the obvious “crispie” presence on the top.

Slightly disappointing – it turns out to be just the crispies and wafers.

Somehow it’s a little dry – could do with an extra layer of chocolate or something else with a softer texture. Being named after lava, something with a nice molten lava-like flow in the middle would be good. OK, I’m taking this too seriously now.

I would give this a 6 out of 10 – not offensive but nothing special.

Icelandic Chocolate Review #2 – Buffaló

This is going to be my last chocolate review for a while, having decided to give up chocolate for a while. (never sign up for a marathon)

Luckily, before I made that decision, I sampled a Buffaló bar on your behalf.

It seemed like it was going to be my kind of chocolate bar, feeling nice and substantial in the wrapper and like it had a lot of filling, whatever it was.

OK, maybe it doesn't look so appetising in a photo!

Although the ingredients were also in English on the wrapper, it didn’t give away what came as a pleasant surprise to me – the inside is marshmallow, one of my very favourite things!

This was just gorgeous, nice milk chocolate (as mentioned before, sugary American style milk chocolate rather than British style) with a fluffy marshmallow filling.  I could happily eat these all day. Unfortunately, I only bought one of them!!

I wouldn’t go so far to give this 10 out of 10 because I think they could have squeezed in another flavour here – maybe a sprinkling of peanuts on top or a caramel layer. Let’s give it a 9 out of 10. I’m coming to the conclusion that I might just like anything Freyja makes more than any other chocolate brands in Iceland. (if their Marketing team is reading this, samples are always welcome.)

For a more rounded view I allowed Mr I’d Rather Be in Iceland to have a (small) piece. He wasn’t so enamoured with it as he prefers less sweet chocolate, and gave it only a 4 out of 10.

Sadly, my chocolate reviews section now comes to an abrupt end for a few months. Normal scheduling to resume post-race!

Icelandic chocolate review : Prins

I like Icelandic chocolate:

When travelling to a different country I love buying something to eat and not knowing exactly what it’s going to be like. My stash includes some old favourites and some new ones that intrigued me. And luckily for you, I am going to sample them all and let you know which ones you should try.

This week I bring you Prins:

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one, but because it was big and had such a grand name I imagined it would have lots of different elements to it – maybe some nuts, maybe some caramel, maybe some liquorice, maybe some crispies.

I was therefore surprised to find it was basically a dark chocolate wafer:

The dark chocolate is really nice, and has more of a sweet edge to it than British dark chocolate. In fact, I would say Icelandic chocolate generally is more like American chocolate.

The outer chocolate on this one is surprisingly flaky and breaks off when you’re eating it, so it’s quite messy and not a good one to eat in the car.

Overall, it reminded me of a dark chocolate Kit Kat. It’s tasty, but I’d prefer my chocolate bars to have a bit more interest to them. This is why I don’t usually have Kit Kats either.

My rating out of 10 = 6

However, as a second opinion, Mr IdratherbeinIceland really liked it, and thought the dark chocolate was particularly interesting as it was both bitter and sweet. He thought the overall vibe was that of a Cadbury’s Time Out.

His rating out of 10 = 8

Are any of you fans of the Prins bar?