Highlights of Iceland – Ring Road top sights

The photos below are from my top 20 favourite sites from a Ring Road trip taken in May/June 2012. We were very lucky to visit during a heat wave where nearly every day was sunny and beautiful.  You can look through the gallery below or follow the links to see the original posts with more detail.

1. Hverarönd

2. Seljalandsfoss

3. Vík

4. Jökulsárlón and Vatnajökull

5. Dettifoss

6. Krafla

7. Husavík

8. Svartifoss

9. Þingvallavatn

10. Ásbyrgi

11. Hvítserkur

12. Goðafoss

13. Dimmuborgir

14. Geysir

15. Skútustaðir

16. Gullfoss

17. Borgarvirki

18. Búðardalur

19. Skogafóss

20. Kirkjugólf


5 thoughts on “Highlights of Iceland – Ring Road top sights

  1. Did you do everything by foot or did you use bus/car to go from site to site?
    Am looking for a round trip for about 10 days which will offer a variety of landscapes and where bus is enough… thanks!

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