Most popular posts

These are my most-read posts – not necessarily the best, but the ones that have got the most views. They are almost all “touristy” posts which is interesting as this was never intended to be a tourist information blog. But hey, you’ve got to give the readers what they want. Happy reading!

1. 10 Good Reasons to Live in Iceland – the post that keeps on giving, this has been shared and read more than of my other posts – in fact, it’s been read nearly twice as many times as the number two post! It was written just for a bit of fun.

2. 10 Things to Put You Off Living in Iceland – I thought I’d try to give a more balanced view of life in Iceland, as 99% of my posts are positive.

3. 10 More Good Reasons to Live in Iceland – written as a follow up to extremely popular post #1. There’s definitely a theme here, people like lists about living in Iceland, whether good or bad!

4. The Great Lava Jewelry Scam – there’s a lot of people other than me who are interested in lava jewelry, cheap ways to get it, and where it comes from.

5. Taking the Flybus – written in “helping tourists” mode as this is the kind of thing I get a lot of questions about.

6. Things I Like About Reykjavík – another simple list, and I’m guessing a lot of people like the same things I like.

7. 10 Free Things to Do in Reykjavík –  Who doesn’t like free things?? Or Reykjavík?

8. Things NOT to Say to Someone Running Their First Marathon – a bit of a wildcard! But hardly surprising as probably more people are involved in running somehow than are visiting Iceland?

9. Northern Lights Trip? Been There, Done That – You know those Northern Lights trips they run? Here’s my account of one.

10. Don’t Google Your Food While You’re Still Eating – about me and my dinner. Alone together.


5 thoughts on “Most popular posts

  1. I have found that post titles that begin with “10 Things…” (or any number of things) are very popular in general. People like list posts and articles. That is likely one of the reasons four such posts are in your most popular posts list. I’m also an Icelandophile and like your blog and your writing style.

  2. Could you do a top 10 list of things not to do/wear to look like a tourist?? I travel quite a bit and hate looking like a touristy American. Instead of being “that” guy, I prefer to make my visits more like an anthropological excursion, ie – do what locals do, wear as you wear, hang out where you hang out, etc. I like to get a good feel for every day life of the native people instead of coming in, trouncing around your country and acting/looking like a “stupid American”.
    So, this is my first trip to Iceland, and I see so many contradictory things online on every subject: clothing, humor, drinking. Thank you for reading!

  3. Dear Sir,
    I am female musician, I hope to meet some nordic iceland powerful female singer to make a music group, can you introduce me some, I will be iceland reykjavik asap. please e-mail:, Thank you!

  4. Hi
    I have been thinking about moving to Iceland for a while. Having seen how the Icelandic people came together in such a positive way after the World Cup to honour their team, I was energised to think about moving again.

    I was wondering how this would be now after Brexit? I’m thinking about exchange rate, housing costs etc.

    In your opinion, is now a good time to move? I’m not bothered about Windows that don’t open wide (as other commented) tv, running etc.

    Thank you.
    Look forward to your response.

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