Scenic Iceland


This could be pretty much anywhere in the Icelandic countryside. Although it’s nothing unusual, a collection of horses, farm buildings and a mountain always make for a good photo!


“Horse” Mountain, Westfjords


You would not believe how many photos we seem to have of this mountain. It was very noticeably-oddly shaped and made an interesting panorama. It’s also a bit mysterious as Its Icelandic name means “Horse Mountain”, but I’m not sure if this is because it is supposed to look like a horse or if there is more to it.

Here is a better view of the shape:

I don’t see how it looks like a horse. The promontory in front of the mountain is called “Colt’s foot”. There’s obviously a horse connection here that I don’t see. If anyone reading can explain the name, please do!

Beware of oncoming traffic


This is the road to Árneshreppur, which has the lowest population of any populated area in Iceland. It’s well worth a drive down here to see the driftwood and Djúpavík (separate posts to follow).

There is potential for landslides in several places on this road, and in fact the road can be impassable for weeks at a time in winter. You’d really need to be good at planning ahead to live here! I love places like this.

The prettiest place to cross a bridge in Iceland?


I saw this photo in the Iceland Road Atlas and imagined this bridge was going to be really high and scary to drive over.



Quite the opposite, it is so low that it’s almost like driving in the water.

It is in a really nice setting across Gilsfjörður at the base of the Westfjords. Given how pretty the very little bit of the Westfjords was that we crossed into on the last road trip, I’m getting quite excited to see the rest of it!

December “sunrise”


It’s that time of year again where Iceland-blogs are full of tales of midnight sun, staying up all night, and photos highlighting the joys of seeing a place that is light at 3:00 in the morning.

As fun as all that daylight is, I’m realising that I may actually prefer the darker times in Iceland. It creates such interesting light conditions (ironically) and things are so well lit that the dark is not actually a problem. So, just to be different, here is a photo taken in December at around 10:30 am in a lovely cold half-dark.